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Ultrakleen Cleaning Services & guidelines regarding Coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 and COVID-19


The term infection control is the name that is given to a large area of polices including procedures and various techniques, they are all intended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, around staff members and any persons who may be on site.

Policy statement

We the management of Ultrakleen Cleaning Services follow strict guidelines on infection control and how to keep safe any persons on site, at all times. These generally consist of a safe and healthy workplace.

 Providing adequate information and details of which can be obtained on request.


Infection Control Fogging/Spraying

Ultrakleen Cleaning Services provide Coronavirus COVID-19 cleaning and sanitise/disinfecting in Coventry, Nuneaton and Bedworth.

We can provide virus cleaning and Coronavirus clean up to safeguard you.

We offer a one off or repeat fogging service, that achieves outstanding results, ensuring every surface is de-contaminated both thoroughly and professionally, to meet the needs of the most recent and potentially future Coronavirus outbreaks.

Our fogging system can be used in almost all locations some examples include,  Doctors surgery’s, dental surgery’s, offices, schools, cinemas, shops, retail premises, domestic homes, public transport, such as buses coaches and taxis, in fact almost anywhere the public may need to take extra care being in a closed environment.

We use the latest technology and solutions to provide a high quality service, our state of the art fogging machine releases an ultra fine mist/spray using certified solutions to the correct dilution ratio,  such as Formula 429 anti microbial instant kill of bacteria BS: EN1276 EN:13704 EN:1650 and also a certified solution in the correct dilution, which is also rated to a kill log of 6, suitable in combating Coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 which causes COVID-19.

Our fully trained and experienced team follow recommended guidelines wearing, protective cover all suits, goggles/glasses, gloves, foot covers and face masks with filters throughout the fogging procedure. The areas to be cleaned, must be vacant and remain vacant for 1 – 6 hours following the decontamination service. No person can enter the affected area until such a time that the fogging specialist technician  has tested the area and confirmed it is indeed safe to enter. This can be confirmed after using appropriate test strips which are taken during and after the sanitisation process.

ALL of our staff have recently updated our infection control training as a new and specific training module has been rolled out to bring all operatives up to speed on all new COVID developments, as this has changed the way standard infection control is carried out, we are up to date and certified to carry out this service

Do you need your premises clean and sanitized?

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Safeguarding You!

When completing our other cleaning such as ovens and carpets, any point of contact including door handles and work surfaces will be disinfected and wiped using a product with a dilution rate of 1000 parts per million, or kill factor 6 not to be used around food products.


Waste consisting of PPE gloves, mask and footwear, will be removed from site in disposable bags and disposed of following health and safety procedures.

Our Procedures

The COVID-19 pandemic raises many new challenges both in your home and workplace environment.

Working together eases the possibilities of contacting the virus. We need solidarity and leadership. COVID-19 is man-kinds greatest challenge since World War II, we are working together to slow the spread of the virus.

It’s a fact Coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 can survive for up to 4 hours on metallic surfaces.

Ultrakleen Cleaning Services have put in place certain guidelines.

  • Fully trained professional staff in infectious control
  • Fully insured
  • On arrival we disinfect the areas of interest prior to commencing work
  • Open windows to allow circulation of airwaves
  • We wear PPE equipment including overall, face mask, shoe coverings & gloves
  • Head covers where it is necessary
  • On exit all surfaces of contact are wiped with disinfectant
  • Places of work are to be vacant before arrival until departure

Rest assured you are in safe hands with us.

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